A brief history of Roller Derby!

Following on from our interview with BB Bombshell from local Roller Derby team, Tiger Bay Brawlers, here's some information about the sport and their forthcoming 'Skate of Emergency' event THIS SATURDAY 4th June 2011!

Roller derby is often called the fastest growing sport in the world. In it's modern form it is only about 10 years old. It is mainly played by Women and is fast and full contact! Most skaters have an alias or "skater name", which represents their skate persona.

Here is a very short basic guide video

Here is a video made from 6 bouts which were a part of a tournament in London. London Roller Girls are the best team in the UK (and Europe) they play with teams all over the world. We want to this good! It's long by you get a real view of what the scene is like.

BB Bombshell is our Captain, she joined us just after we formed. She skated with VDRL a Australian team but is over in the UK at the moment. She has been our head coach ever since - our team would not be where we are if it was not for her. She is has played with the UK AllStars.

There is another team in Cardiff called the Cardiff Roller Collective.

Our bout next bout is on Saturday in the Newport Centre. Doors open at 5:30. We give a full explanation about the sport, and their will be commentators as well. It is only £7 in advanced (under 12s are free) and £9 on the door.


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