Scorpions devastated but unaffected by Crusaders news

South Wales Scorpions chairman Phil Davies has said that he is devastated that Crusaders withdrew their application for a 2012-14 Super League licence.

Davies’ Scorpions side was set up in the wake of Crusaders’ move north in late 2009 and the Port Talbot based businessman has said that the Scorpions are not affected by today’s events.

“I was devastated when I saw the announcement on Sky Sports this morning,” Davies said. “Like others it was the first that I knew about it.

“I’m devastated for the players and administrators, some of whom may need to look for new clubs and work and for those young lads from South Wales who moved up there over the last couple of years.

“South Wales Scorpions will continue as normal. We are a totally independent organisation from the Crusaders, we will continue to build from our base in Neath and we are hoping to welcome a large crowd for our home game against Rochdale Hornets this Sunday where we need to win to keep up our play-off charge.

“We have already produced a number of Welsh internationals in our own right and we will continue to do so as we continue to help build Rugby League in South Wales. The show will go on.”


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