Review of England’s Performance in ODI Tour of India

By Zaheer Haque - Cricket Blogger
arrived in India only weeks after their emphatic home Odi series win against India.
England may have felt that this was a great opportunity to win an Odi series in India.
These were merely thoughts for England as they were humiliated in every Odi game of the Series and were whitewashed 5-0.  It was very painful viewing for all England Supporters.
One needs to examine why this series for England was a complete disaster and a living nightmare.
I think it was idiotic for ECB to agree to this Odi Series. This is because England had been playing non-stop cricket over the passed year.
England team couldn't even make the excuse of being a tired team.  Those who played some were new to Odi others returning from breaks.
The biggest reason why England was humiliated was lack of methodology in both batting and bowling.
England's batting was very predictable in the entire series. They lost early wickets then Jonathan Trott came in and made substantial contribution throughout the series. He was supported by Kevin Pietersen who made decent contributions. The rest of the batsmen however struggled in batting friendly wickets.
England's bowling was both embarrassing and humiliating. The choice of some of the bowlers selected who weren't accustomed to these wickets was a fundamental mistake. They lacked variety in the bowling unit as a whole and weren't a match for the Indian batsmen.
In my opinion it was a PR disaster. Imagine how many England supporters flew to India and travelled to all the games to watch.  Also the home supporters must have been disappointed for the non contest.
I hope ECB and England Management examine these findings and find viable solutions to make sure it never ever happens again.


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